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Heroes of Public Safety

Heroes of Public Safety - Honoring those that gave their lives serving others.
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The Jason Baker Foundation Committee invites you for “A TIME TO SAY THANKS” to the members of public safety by becoming a corporate sponsor of this year’s events.

Will Rodgers once wrote, “We can’t all be heroes. Some of us have to stand on the curb and clap as they go by.” These words speak volumes for the many individuals, corporations and organizations that have “stood on the curb” in support of those in public safety through their contributions of time, money and materials to make these events successful.

Started as the vision of a loving father, the Beyond the Badge 5K Run & Walk has become a reality only through the generosity of corporate and individual sponsors and the commitment of unpaid staff members and volunteers. These individuals work tirelessly throughout the year to organize, coordinate and promote the event. Each year, the event continues to gain momentum and popularity. This year’s event will be no exception and is expected to be the biggest and most successful to date.

Why Sponsor?

A Time to Say Thanks!

The public safety profession is an underserved and often thankless job. The brave men and women that have dedicated their lives to helping members of the community, do their jobs in the worst of conditions, for often little pay, benefits or recognition. They perform their duties without question and without concern for their personal safety. Based on this “less than attractive” job description, there continues to be those special people whose sense of duty compels them to seek a career in public safety. Support of the Beyond the Badge 5K Run & Walk and the Jason Baker Foundation Inc., a 501 (c)3, Not For Profit Organization, assists these highly qualified and dedicated individuals enter the public safety profession on a local, state and federal level. We should always remember the enormous sacrifices that those in public safety make daily on our behalf.


The Beyond the Badge 5K Run & Walk has been designed with fun in mind. Whether it’s enjoying a crisp Fall Indiana morning exploring the history of the beautiful grounds of Crown Hill Cemetery, reveling in overcoming “The Hill” or just participating to say thank you, everyone will enjoy these fun and very memorable events. It’s also a great opportunity to meet and interact with the members of public safety that we see on a daily basis, but rarely have a chance to talk to.

The Perfect Venue

The Beyond the Badge 5K Run & Walk provides the perfect venue to increase exposure and name recognition within the public safety profession as well as the community at large. With its reputation as an historic city landmark, beautifully landscaped grounds, spectacular architecture and compelling storylines, Crown Hill Cemetery provides the perfect media backdrop for business leaders, politicians and dignitaries to attend. Participation as a sponsor reflects, not only a willingness to help members of public safety, but it shows that this commitment goes far beyond just business. It reflects a genuine support for the men and women that serve and protect. In a profession where trust and loyalty are key, this support is well received and remembered.